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From the Concrete Floors to the Exposed Ceilings, Midland brings such Living Concepts which will lead you one step ahead to Tranquility.


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About us

Kazi Eradat Ali

Chairperson, Midland Development Limited

Passionate businessperson and social activist are the other names of Kazi Erdat Ali, the founder Chairperson of Midland Development Limited. His ingenious excellence of leadership and business drives MDL to the highest level of excellence and luxury in residential properties. His decades of thriving accomplishments help MDL to pursue ‘LIVE IN BRAND’ without compromise. He is also the Managing Director of Goldesia Jute Mills Limited and also involved in diverse industry, community and charitable associations. He is the president of Rajbari Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well. Besides being a good business magnate Kazi Erdat Ali is a virtuous humanitarian. He established Kazi Hedayet Hossain Memorial Diabetic Hospital and Kazi Hedayet Hossin Girls High School for the upward mobility of his locality.

Kazi Rakibul Hossain Shantonu

Managing Director, Midland Development Limited

Kazi Rakibul Hossain Shantonu, a highly motivated and hardworking individual who completed his masters with a specialization in Management from Lancashire University, UK. He led the board as a Managing Director from the inception of the company. He is continually setting the standards of excellence while expanding his interests in real estate through his keen business strategy and tactics. His dream is to make Midland Development Limited synonymous with the most prestigious of addresses. Kazi Rakibul Hossain also holds the position of Director of Goldesia Jute Mills Limited and ST Traders. He is currently working as Senior Vice President of Rajbari Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Afsana Nawmy Takhina

Director, Midland Development Limited

Afsana Nawmy Takhina, a young and enthusiastic soul, who recently completed her graduation in Business Administration from North South University. She joined the board as a Director of the company. Superior quality, Details and Perfection are the standards she demands during the course of constructing a project. She is relentlessly working to give people the experience of owning an MDL asset and living the brand Midland is incomparable. She visions MDL to cross the border and work globally. She is also one of the Directors of Goldesia Jute Mills Limited and ST Traders.

Kazi Sirajum Monira

Director, Midland Development Limited

Kazi Sirajum Monira joined Midland Development Limited as one of the Directors since its establishment. She is dedicated to her work to make Midland emerge in the sector. She is very certain about ensuring safety and security to the customers. Business graduate Sirajum, is rigorously working for Midland to give the clients their dream home. She is also functioning as a director of Goldesia Jute Mills Limited.

About us

We think ‘Quality’ is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. In Midland everyone is involved in continuously improving service to customers with architectural excellence and profound knowledge. We carefully constructed an efficient lineup that closely monitors our projects from the very beginning. Midland Research and Testing Team ensures assessments on materials, runs daily quality regulator at all levels. Our team works hard to assure quality work inside and out. Furthermore, MDL’s Facilities Management Department, Consisting of Security, Cleaning, Plumbing, Electrical and Management Professionals provides after-sales service to the clients.

About us

The design excellence is the key ingredients of Midland that set the homes that bear our name apart. With our high level of customer service, we take a personal interest in every home we build. Our Design and Development Team designed our building with supreme excellence to create an artifact that is both used and loved by our clients. The sophisticated designed apartments combine the latest features with design modernisms and new technologies for a greener artifact. MDL believes Architecture is then among the most important arts and it is desirable to introduce taste into an art which shows exceptionality.